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Product Overview

The Valpadana range has something to suit everyone!

The Valpadana range of tractors offer power, economy and superb value for money. 'Compact in design', but offering superb levels of performance and comfort, there's a Valpadana tractor that's just right for any job needing this type of tractor.

The product range includes:

One-way 4 wheel equal size tractors

Valpadana VP4600 VRM TractorVP4600 VRM (more info)

Valpadana 4500 ISM TractorVP4600 ISM (more info)

Valpadana 6400 VRM  TractorVP6400 VRM (more info)

Valpadana 6400 ISM TractorVP6400 ISM (more info)

Valpadana VP6600 VRM TractorVP6600 VRM (more info)

Valpadana VP6600 ISM TractorVP6600 ISM (more info)

Valpadana 6600 ARM TractorVP6600 ARM (more info)

Reversible 4 wheel equal size tractors

Valpadana VP6600 ISR TractorVP6600 ISR (more info)

Valpadana 9600 ISR TractorVP9600 ISR (more info)

Valpadana 9600 ARR TractorVP9600 ARR (more info)